operating virtual media functions in broadcast systems


27 September 2019

This session addresses the challenges that come with developing and operating Virtualized Media Functions (VMF) deployed on virtual machines and/or container environments such as Kubernetes.
Learning from real experiences, the concepts of full-stack monitoring and orchestration will be explained and illustrated. Those include management of all layers in the stack, including management of the infrastructure (compute nodes, networking and storage), the operating systems, the platform virtualization layers (e.g. OpenStack, VMWare, Kubernetes, etc.), the micro services, the media and the service assurance (SLA) layers.
Full stack management is a pre-requisite for end-to-end deployment, orchestration and monitoring of virtualized media infrastructures. Especially for linear media processing, full visibility and control across all layers of deployment are fundamental to reach the availability targets of the media services. Last but not least, continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) naturally leads to continuous operational enhancements. So the concept of CI/CD/CO is introduced in this session as well.

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